Vacation rentals on the Costa Blanca

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The holiday rental market is growing tremendously due to its great profitability.
Costa Blanca is an ideal place for tourists looking for a holiday by the beach and good weather. Due to high demand, the supply of holiday rental properties has grown in recent years.

Advantages of owning a vacation rental

Greater profitability

With holiday rentals you can get higher income than a long term rental. Indeed, the tenant pays per day of stay and not per month or year. Therefore, the price per night is higher than if it were rented on a monthly basis.

Greater payment security

The holiday rental method is based on the customer paying for their stay in advance, which secures a payment prior to your entry into the property. This is a big difference to long term rentals, as it ensures payment before they move in.

Better housing maintenance

In terms of the condition of the property, as it is only for a few days or weeks, it does not receive as much wear and tear as the people who live there constantly. In addition, when the change of tenants takes place, the state of the property is checked to ensure that everything is in the same state as when the tenants moved in. In the event of any damage caused by the tenants, there is insurance and a deposit to cover the damage. This ensures that the property is always in perfect condition.

High flexibility

This is a great advantage compared to long term rentals, since the owner can block the dates on which they want to use the property if necessary. This allows you to spend your holidays in your own home, but with the advantage that you can continue renting when you are not there and still earn an income.

Finally, holiday rentals are a great opportunity to earn an income, as long as they are well managed. In the best case scenario, you can outsource the rental management to a dedicated rental company, so that you don’t have to do any management and receive your income on a monthly basis. If you are interested, you can contact us and we can help you to manage it.




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