Santa Pola – Sea, Nature and Life Quality

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Santa pola is a coastal municipality in the province of Alicante, in the Costa Blanca, with lots of charm. Its great quality of life, beaches, nature, leisure and tranquillity make it one of the most popular destinations to live in. We’ll tell you more!

A great connection to Alicante city and the airport

A great feature that Santa Pola has is the good connection with cities like Alicante or Elche, but living in a quieter area in front of the sea.

It is located just 10 minutes from Alicante airport, which makes it an attractive option for people who need a quick connection to the airport for work, travel or because they have a second home in Santa Pola.

Alicante is only 20 minutes away by car and there are also bus connections, with stops in Gran Alacant if you wish.

What beaches can I see in Santa Pola?

Santa Pola stands out for its beaches and nature, in a peaceful setting.
If you love good weather and being able to enjoy it on the beach is a luxury. Santa Pola has 13km of beaches divided by zones.

The most central beach is Playa de Levante, with restaurants and bars nearby to enjoy all day long.

In the west of Santa Pola are the beaches known as Gran Playa, Playa Lisa and Tamarit. They are long sandy beaches, where the water is not very deep, which makes them ideal for families. For water sports lovers, they are well known because they are the place where water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing, kayaking and sailing are practised, among others.

In the eastern area of Santa Pola we have the Calas of Santiago Bernabéu, which are smaller beaches next to the Santiago Bernabéu avenue, an ideal area for walks by the sea. We also find the Varadero beach and the Carlotti beach, which have crystal clear waters in a quieter area. Finally, there are the coves of Santa Pola del Este, made up mostly of rocky areas with very clean waters and the Paseo de la cadena, where you can see the island of Tabarca from the closest point to the coast and luxurious houses.

You can see different types of properties in Santa Pola in the following link.

Areas to visit in Santa Pola

As we have already mentioned, Santa Pola has many natural areas to visit and enjoy.

One of the most spectacular areas is El Mirador del Faro de Santa Pola, with a panoramic view of the sea, the island of Tabarca and the entire coast of Alicante. To get to this viewpoint there are two ways, you can arrive by car to a parking area and walk a little through the mountains, until you reach the walkway where you can enjoy the views and a unique sunset. Another way to get there is by taking a hiking route, another attraction that Santa Pola has. It consists of different routes from different points of Santa Pola, which allow you to walk or cycle through an area of protected nature until you reach the viewpoint of the Santa Pola lighthouse.

Another area of unique nature in Santa Pola is The Natural Park of Las Salinas de Santa Pola, where you can see salt mines with mountains of salt and a protected fauna made up of birds, including large concentrations of flamingos, without a doubt, an attraction to visit in Santa Pola.

Another area to visit in Santa Pola is the port, which is divided into two zones: the fishing port and the marina.

Otra zona para visitar en Santa Pola es el puerto, que se divide en dos zonas: el puerto pesquero y el puerto deportivo.

In the fishing port you will find the boats that bring fresh fish and seafood from the Mediterranean. There is also the tabarqueras area, where you can board a boat to visit the island of Tabarca. This island is a great tourist attraction that you cannot miss, with a very peculiar style and crystalline waters.

The marina is the area where the pleasure boats and large luxury yachts are accommodated. In the marina, you can take diving lessons, rent a boat for a day at sea or rent a jet ski.

Next to this beautiful marina, you will find the promenade, called Paseo Adolfo Suárez, which was inaugurated in 2013. This promenade is the hub of leisure in Santa Pola, as it has several restaurants and bars of all kinds, most of them with terraces overlooking the sea and the marina.

In conclusion, Santa Pola is a place with an incredible quality of life. Beaches, nature and good connections make Santa Pola an attractive place to live by the sea on the Costa Blanca.

If you are thinking of living in Santa Pola, either permanently or as a second home, we will be happy to help you. You can visit our website and contact us.




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